"David Bañuelos is by far the most versatile photographer I have ever come across. He can give you any look you want while making you feel completely at ease. He can also give you ideas if you are a little unsure of what you're looking for. He is a true artist behind the lens and his product is never short of amazing. He is simply the best!"

Taryn Chavez-Executive Director at AVANTI Dance Co. Costa Mesa

"I have known David for twenty + years and he is a master with the camera. I graduated from Brooks Institute and have a BA degree in illustrative photograpy. David simply shoots circles around me. He has a natural intuitive feel for the subject that you just can't get in the classroom. It is a gift. His natural light portraits are stunning. I've won several awards for my wedding work but nothing comes even vaguely close to what he does with his lens."

Dennis Tannen-Professional photographer and Educator.

"I have known David and his family for years now and I still have the amazing pictures he took of all my children almost 5 years ago up on my walls. His perfect combination of simplicity and artistry make almost every picture come out perfect and his vision and style is so unique and beautiful. His direction and ease to work with especially with the children make every photo shoot such an amazing experience and I would always recommend him over anyone else thank you again!!"

Julie, San Diego CA

"I had family photoshoot session with David. He is friendly, very easy to work with, provides prompt responses and great with kids (my son is 2yr old). His portrait shoots are absolutely beautiful and captured precious moments of my little one. He is very experienced and has an insight on breathtaking coastal spots in Laguna. It was an awesome experience for my family and I would do it again with him."

-Chen Diehl, Dana Point CA

David Banuelos is a great photographer and is very professional. He is both punctual and accomodating. He took family photographs of us with our young daughter at the beach and captured many fantastic shots. We highly recommend his work and will use him as a photographer again in the future.

-Kat and Kyle" ☺️

South Orange County Portrait Photographer